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Where can I find the online manual?Updated 2 months ago

At Gard Pro, we have chosen to offer our users an online manual even though the GARD PRO comes with a manual in the package. 

Want to check out the online manual for the GARD PRO?

Health series:

GARD PRO Health smartwatch 2: Press "HERE"

GARD PRO Health smartwatch 2+:Press "HERE"

Ultra series:

GARD PRO Ultra 1:Press "HERE"

GARD PRO Ultra 2+:Press "HERE"

If you still have questions after consulting the online manual, we are ready to help you further. At our help center, you'll find comprehensive information and answers to frequently asked questions about your specific GARD PRO model. Click "HERE" to be directed directly to your model's page. Our goal is to make sure you can enjoy your GARD PRO confidently and trouble-free.

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