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Sports FeaturesUpdated 2 months ago

Discover the Sports possibilities with your GARD PRO Smartwatch


Are you curious about the sports you can play with your Gard Pro smartwatch? Good news! Our smartwatches are compatible with the GloryFit app. This gives you access to a wide range of sports activities.

The GloryFit app lets you choose from a variety of sports modes to suit your favorite activities and training goals. Some of the sports you can track and measure with your Gard Pro smartwatch are:

Running, walking, cycling, golf, fitness, yoga, tennis, spinning, cross fit.... and much more!

Whether you are a passionate runner, love to bike around town, or enjoy a game of tennis, the GloryFit app on your Gard Pro smartwatch allows you to accurately monitor your sports performance and track your progress.

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For questions about sports feature settings/measurements by GARD PRO model, click "HERE." You will then be redirected to the page where you can choose which model you have a question about regarding sport functions. How does the GARD PRO track my route? See that "HERE"

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