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Specific explanation sports functions Ultra 2+Updated 2 months ago

Discover the Sports possibilities with your GARD PRO Smartwatch


Are you curious about the sports you can play with your Gard Pro smartwatch? Good news! Our smartwatches are compatible with the GloryFit app. This gives you access to a wide range of sports activities.

The GloryFit app lets you choose from a variety of sports modes to suit your favorite activities and training goals. Some sports you can track and measure with your Gard Pro smartwatch are:

Running, walking, cycling, golf, fitness, yoga, tennis, spinning, cross fit.... and much more!

Whether you are a passionate runner, love to bike around town, or enjoy a game of tennis, the GloryFit app on your Gard Pro smartwatch allows you to accurately monitor your sports performance and track your progress.

NOTE: While customizing your favorite sports and their order on your Gard Pro smartwatch is convenient, it is important to note that the order on the watch will not change. By being intentional about this feature, you can make the most of your smartwatch and quickly access your favorite sports and activities.

How do I track my sport, and how do I view routes and achievements?

It is easy to start/view your sports routes and data after completing a sports activity with your GARD PRO Ultra 1 smartwatch. Follow these simple steps to access your sports information in the GloryFit app, we recommend always enabling/disabling the sports features through the app.

Open the GloryFit app: Make sure you are logged into your account and that your GARD PRO Ultra 2+ is synced with the app.

Navigate to 'Sports': In the main menu of the app, find the 'Sports' section. Tap this to start your sports activities.

Select your sport: At the top of the screen, you will see a '+' symbol. Click this to see a list of available sports. Choose the sport you've been wanting to perform.

Start your analysis: After selecting your sport, tap 'GO' to start tracking the details of your route, distance, time and other data.

When finished, stop the ongoing sports measurements here in the app. This way you can look back at all the data that was measured.

With these steps, you can easily view your sports routes and data in the GloryFit app. This allows you to track your performance, track your progress and achieve your fitness goals.

Try it out for yourself and discover how easy it is to analyze your sports activities with the GloryFit app!

Questions about this feature?

How does the GARD PRO track my route? Check that out "HERE" , should the measurements be very different, we recommend taking a look "HERE". Should this not solve the problem please contact us. Our team is at your service!

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