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Sound and screen settings GARD PRO Health 2Updated 2 months ago

Customizing your GARD PRO Health 2 to your personal preferences can make it even more enjoyable to use. Here are some steps to adjust the screen, sound and vibration settings:

Table of Contents

1.Screen settings

1.1 adjust screen time
1.2 Adjust the brightness of your screen
1.3 Tilt to activate the screen

2.Changing the watch face

2.1 change your watch face
2.2 Set your own dial

3.Sound settings

3.1 message and call signal
3.2 enable/disable silent mode
3.3 media sound played on my watch

1. Screen settings:

1.1 Adjust screen time:

-Open the GloryFit app and go to ''Device''.
-Select ''More settings''.
-Tap ''Display timeout''.
-Select ''Set the time'' and choose your desired time (up to 15 seconds).

1.2 Adjust the brightness of your screen:

-Scroll down from the home screen.
-Tap ''brightness'' with the sun icon.
-Use ''-'' or ''+'' to choose the desired brightness.

1.3 Tilt to activate the screen:

-Go to ''Device'' in the GloryFit app.
-Choose ''Light up.''
-Enable the function. The gray bar changes to green when the function is active.

2. Changing the watch face

2.1 Changing your watch face:

-Go to ''Device'' at the bottom of the GloryFit app.
-Select ''Watch faces'' and wait for all watch faces to load.

Choose and Download Your Favorite Watch Face:

Browse the available watch faces.
Select your favorite watch face to download it.

View the New Dial on Your GARD PRO:

After downloading, the chosen dial will appear on your GARD PRO.
You also have a choice of 4 preset dials on your GARD PRO.

Navigate through the Watch faces on your GARD PRO:

Hold on the home screen for ± 3 seconds.
Swipe right or left to switch between the installed dials.

2.2 Setting Your Own Watch Face:

You can also set your own watch face under "Custom Dial" in the "Watch faces" section.
Follow the instructions in the app to set your own design or image as the watch face.

3.Sound settings

3.1 Message and call signal

When receiving message/call notifications on your GARD PRO Health 2 smartwatch, you can feel a subtle vibration. This is useful to quickly notify you without disturbing your surroundings This way you never miss an important call, even if your phone is not immediately within reach.

3.2 Silent mode on/off

Enable/disable message notifications via vibration:      

-From the home screen, swipe down.
-Select "Speaker icon" to enable/disable silent mode.
-When there is a cross next to the "Speaker icon" silent mode is enabled/disabled.

3.3 media sound playing on my watch

If you want to hear the sound of a movie playing on your phone through your GARD PRO, follow these simple steps to send the sound to your smartwatch or vice versa!

- Go to your cell phone settings and look for the "Bluetooth" option.
-Find the 'GARD PRO' in the list of available devices and tap it to connect.
-Press the information symbol (usually an 'i' or a triangle with a dot in it) next to the name of the 'GARD PRO'.
-Adjust the device type to send the audio from your phone to your GARD PRO or vice versa Setting the correct device type may vary by cell phone. Refer to the options available and choose the setting that sends audio to your GARD PRO.

With these steps, you can easily enjoy the sound of your phone videos through your GARD PRO Health 2 smartwatch.

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