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Size/weight and availability to straps?Updated 2 months ago

Product information GARD PRO Ultra 1

Width: 43.5 mm
Height: 57 mm
Thickness: 13.8 mm 
Weight: 61 grams

The Ultra Series 1 offers a more robust size for those who prefer a larger watch. The straps for this series are adjustable from 16 cm to 28 cm in circumference, providing a comfortable fit on larger wrists.

What straps fit the GARD PRO Ultra 1?

Available loose straps

Change your strap easily with our collection of loose straps, available in a variety of colors and patterns:

Ultra 1 straps: 16-28 cm, As you know it!
Ultra 1 camouflage straps : 16-28 cm, For a cool style.


Gard Pro Ultra 1: Is the only model with a connection of 16mm, for this only the ULTRA 1 straps are available. See ''HERE"

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