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Size/availability of straps per GARD PRO modelUpdated 2 months ago

Find the right strap for your Gard Pro smartwatch

Finding the right strap for your Gard Pro smartwatch is essential for comfort and style. Whether you have a Health or Ultra series model, there are a variety of straps available to fit your wrist size and style preference.

Band sizes by smartwatch model

Gard Pro Health Smartwatch 2 & 2+: Straps fit wrists from 17 to 24 cm.
Gard Pro Ultra & Ultra 2+: Standard straps fit wrists from 16 to 25 cm (Ultra 1) and 16 to 24 cm (Ultra 2+).

Available loose straps

Change your strap easily with our collection of loose straps, available in different materials and sizes:

(Available for Health series and the Ultra 2+)

Leather Straps: 18-24 cm, for a classic look. 
Sport Straps: 16-24 cm, ideal for activities.
Steel Straps: 16-22 cm, for a sophisticated look.
Milanese Straps: 16-26 cm, with a unique woven design.
Magnetic Straps: 16-24 cm, for easy adjustment.


Gard Pro Ultra 1: Is the only model with a connection of 16mm, for this only the ULTRA 1 straps are available. See ''HERE"

The importance of the right size

A properly fitting strap is not only comfortable but also ensures that your smartwatch functions optimally. Make sure the band is neither too tight nor too loose for the best experience.

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