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Resolve unexpected vibrations on your GARD PRO Ultra 1Updated 2 months ago

Resolving unexpected vibrations on your GARD PRO Ultra 1

You may feel sudden vibrations on your GARD PRO Ultra 1, even when you are not expecting notifications or messages. This can cause confusion, but there is usually a logical explanation for these vibrations.

What causes these vibrations?

One of the functions that may be responsible for these periodic vibrations is the "test function" of the GARD PRO. This can especially be the case with settings such as the 'Body temperature setting', which defaults to 'automatic setting'. In this mode, a test is performed periodically to notify you of changes in your body temperature, for example.

How can you adjust this?

If you want to reduce or turn off the vibrations, you can adjust the settings for the test function. Follow these steps to configure the vibrations to your liking:

-Open the Gloryfit app, and then press "Device."
-Go to the 'Body temperature setting' or similar test function, for example.
-Find the 'Cycle' setting and adjust it to your preference. You can choose a longer time frame between tests or disable the feature completely.


By consciously handling the settings of your GARD PRO Ultra 1, you can adjust or disable the vibration to your liking. We hope this information helps you resolve the problem and get back to enjoying your smartwatch to the fullest.

Please let us know if these adjustments helped reduce the unexpected vibrations. Your feedback is valuable to us and helps us improve our customers' user experience.

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