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My delivery time has expired. What next?Updated 3 months ago

What to do if my delivery time has expired. What now?

It can be frustrating when the expected delivery time for your order has passed and you are still waiting for your Gard Pro. Delays in delivery can have a variety of causes. It is important to remember that sometimes delays are unavoidable, but we understand that you would like to receive your order as soon as possible. Check ''HERE'' to see if your delivery time has passed!

Possible causes of delay

There are several reasons why your order may be delayed. There may be problems during the shipping process, such as delays at USPS, or bad weather conditions. There may also be logistical challenges, such as a high volume of orders during busy periods such as holidays or special discount offers.

Pay attention to the status of your tracking code: now what?

Tracking your package using a tracking code can be exciting, but it can also raise questions if the delivery time has passed. Here's what you need to know about the different statuses you may encounter and what to expect:

Status 1: Clearance Complete.

When your tracking code indicates that customs clearance is complete, it means that your order has been delivered to the USPS sorting center. This is an important step where your Gard Pro smartwatch is processed at the sorting center, which usually happens within 1 to 2 business days.

Status 2: Shipment is handed over to local supplier

If the status indicates that your shipment is being handed over to the local supplier, it means that your Gard Pro smartwatch is on its way to you. You can expect delivery within 1 business day.

What if the delivery time has passed?

If the delivery time has passed and you've received either of these two notifications, don't worry. Your Gard Pro is almost with you and will be delivered soon.

However, if you haven't received either of these notifications and your delivery time has passed, we recommend contacting us. There may be a delay or some other problem, and we'd like to sort it out for you so you can enjoy your smartwatch quickly, even if you've had to wait a bit longer.

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