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Insurance ''GardCare+''Updated 3 months ago

GardCare+: Maximum Protection for Your Gard Pro Smartwatch

At Gard Pro, we understand how important your Gard Pro smartwatch is as your smart companion. That's why we offer GardCare+, a comprehensive insurance policy that protects your smartwatch from unforeseen events and damage. With GardCare+, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Gard Pro smartwatch will receive the best care, even in the event of mishaps such as water damage.

What GardCare+ Offers:

Comprehensive Services and Support: With GardCare+, you have access to additional services and support so you can quickly get back connected to your digital world.

Instant Access to Technical Support: Our expert technical support is always ready to help you with any issues with your smartwatch.

Unlimited Device Repair: GardCare+ covers unlimited repairs for your Gard Pro smartwatch, allowing you to enjoy your device worry-free.

Battery Maintenance Coverage: Your battery is also covered by GardCare+, so you don't have to worry about maintaining the battery performance of your smartwatch.

How GardCare+ Works:

Every Gard Pro smartwatch comes standard with 2 years of hardware repair coverage. With GardCare+, you extend your coverage from the purchase date of GardCare+. This insurance covers an unlimited number of incidents of accidental damage, for which only a €15 service fee per incident is charged.

Choose Your Coverage:

You can choose from two coverage periods for GardCare+:

2 Year Coverage: For $29.99, you are fully covered for two years.
3 Year Coverage: For $49.99, you enjoy full protection for a period of three years.


GardCare+ gives you the peace of mind and assurance that your Gard Pro smartwatch is always protected, even after the standard warranty has expired. Don't take chances and make sure your smart companion gets the protection it deserves with GardCare+ from Gard Pro.

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