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How long can my Ultra 2+ last without recharging?Updated 2 months ago

The Durable Power of the GARD PRO Ultra Series

The GARD PRO Ultra Series is known for its impressive battery life, allowing you to enjoy all its features for longer without worrying about recharging. Compared to the Health Series, the Ultra Series offers significantly longer battery life, which is a key benefit for many users.

What affects battery life?

The battery life of your GARD PRO depends greatly on usage and enabled functions. The more functions that are active, such as heart rate monitoring, blood pressure measurement and notifications, the faster the battery can drain. Therefore, it is useful to know how to optimize your battery life.

Optimize your battery life with the Gloryfit app

A handy tip to extend the battery life of your GARD PRO is to disable unnecessary measurements through the Gloryfit app. This allows you to turn off specific health measurements that you don't need at the time.

-Open the Gloryfit app on your smartphone.
-Go to the "Device" tab.
-Search for "Heart rate" or a similar option.
-Turn off the measurements you don't want to use.

By turning off these measurements, you can extend the battery life of your GARD PRO and enjoy all the other features you do use for longer. It's a simple way to optimize your smartwatch's performance and make sure you're always ready for the next activity.


The GARD PRO Ultra Series is designed with durability and ease of use in mind. With extended battery life and the ability to optimize measurements through the Gloryfit app, the Ultra Series offers a reliable and convenient solution for anyone looking for a quality smartwatch.

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