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How long can my Health 2 last without recharging?Updated 2 months ago

Optimize the Battery Life of your GARD PRO Health 2

It's no secret that battery life is a crucial factor in user satisfaction when choosing a smartwatch. With the GardPro Health 2, we aimed for a battery life that should last about a week with "normal" use. However, as with any device, there may be factors that affect battery life.

Why does my battery drain so quickly?

One of the unique features of the GardPro Health 2 is the ability to have the sensors constantly "on. This can be useful for those who want continuous readings, but it does affect battery life. This is because constant operation of the sensors requires more energy, which can lead to faster battery discharge.

How can I optimize battery life?

To ensure that your GardPro Health 2 lasts longer on a single charge, we recommend turning off the constant measurements when you are not actively using it. This can easily be done through the associated app or directly on the GardPro smartwatch itself. By turning on the sensors only when you actually want to take a measurement, you can significantly increase battery life.

Steps to turn off the sensors:

-Open the Gloryfit app.
-Go to 1 of the measurement functions. For example Heart rate.
-Disable the option for constant readings.


By being intentional with your GardPro Health 2's settings, you can optimize battery life and enjoy longer usage time between charges. We'd love to hear from you to see if these adjustments helped fix the battery issue. Your feedback is valuable to us and allows us to continuously improve our products and services.

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