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How does the GPS function of the GARD PRO work?Updated 2 months ago

GPS Use with GARD PRO smartwatches.

Gard Pro smartwatches use your smartphone's GPS feature to track your location and activities. Here are some important points you should know about using GPS with your Gard Pro:

No Built-in GPS: Our Gard Pro smartwatches do not have their own GPS chip. They use your smartphone's GPS to accurately record your activities and location.

Why No Built-in GPS? We deliberately chose this approach to optimize the battery life of the smartwatch and reduce the cost to you, the customer. This allows you to enjoy your smartwatch longer without compromising the accuracy of location data.

How to Use: To activate the GPS function of your Gard Pro smartwatch, make sure your smartwatch is paired with the Gloryfit app/mobile via Bluetooth. This allows your smartwatch to use your phone's GPS signal to track your location and routes.

This system provides an efficient and accurate way to monitor your activities. Plus, you enjoy benefits such as longer battery life and lower costs.

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