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How do I reset my GARD PRO Ultra 1?Updated 2 months ago

Resetting your GARD PRO: Why and How to Do It?

Sometimes it may be necessary to reset your GARD PRO smartwatch, especially if you have made adjustments in the GloryFit app/or are experiencing problems. This can help resolve any issues and ensure that your smartwatch is functioning smoothly again. Below you can read why and how best to do this.

Why reset?

Resetting is also sometimes recommended by our customer service team for various reasons. It may be that problems occur after software updates, or if there are errors in the connection between the app and the smartwatch. By resetting your GARD PRO, you can often solve these problems and restore the functionality of your smartwatch. This is the golden solution in most cases!

What is lost during a reset?

It is important to know exactly what happens when you reset your GARD PRO. During a reset, the settings in the GloryFit app remain the same. What is lost, however, are:

Contacts: Your saved contacts are deleted.

Daily Steps: The pedometer is reset, so your daily steps are removed.

Watch faces: Your chosen watch faces are removed.

How do I reset my GARD PRO?

Here is a simple roadmap to reset your GARD PRO smartwatch:

Unlock your GARD PRO: Make sure your smartwatch is unlocked.

Swipe from Top to Bottom: Swipe from top to bottom on the screen of your GARD PRO to open the shortcut menu.

Go to Settings: Find and tap the icon of the "CANDLE" to go to settings.

Look for the Reset Option: Scroll down the settings menu until you see the word "RESET."

Confirm the Reset: Tap "RESET" and accept the reset by clicking the green check mark.

Wait for the Reboot: After accepting the reset, the GARD PRO will automatically turn off and reconnect to your cell phone.

Note: Resetting your GARD PRO will delete the above data. Make sure that if you want to use this again you need to reinstall it.

By following these steps, you can easily reset your GARD PRO and ensure that any issues are resolved. If you are still having problems after the reset, don't hesitate to contact our customer support for further assistance or take a look at our extensive help center to quickly find the answer to your question!

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