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How do I connect my Gard Pro smartwatch to my phone?Updated 2 months ago

How to connect your Gard Pro smartwatch to the GloryFit app

Connecting your Gard Pro smartwatch to your smartphone via the GloryFit app is a simple process that gives you access to its wide range of features. Follow the steps below to successfully connect and get the most out of your smartwatch.

Step 1: Open app and obtain captcha

a. Open the GloryFit app on your smartwatch.
b. Enter your email address when prompted.
c. Tap 'getcaptcha' to receive a 6-digit captcha code by email.

Step 2: Enter captcha and log in

a. Check your email for the captcha code.
b. Enter the received code under 'Captcha' in the app.
c. Tap 'Login' to continue.

I am not getting a code, what to do?

Scroll down to the heading ''Troubleshooting Receiving Verification Codes''.

Step 3: Information sheet and personal information

a. At the background activity information sheet, select 'Ignore'.
b. Fill in the requested personal information and navigate through the app by pressing '>' at the bottom.

Step 4: Device selection and pairing

a. After entering your information, tap "Selectdevice" to choose your Gard Pro smartwatch.
b. Choose the appropriate model from the list and follow the instructions to connect via Bluetooth.

Step 5: Activate Bluetooth connection and functions.

- After successful pairing, the app automatically saves the Bluetooth address of your Gard Pro smartwatch, keeping it continuously connected.
- To activate various functions, such as Bluetooth calling, text messages, WhatsApp, Facebook and Gmail notifications, tap 'Device' at the bottom of the GloryFit app. Here you can easily turn on or off the desired features. At ''APP REMINDER'' or ''APP''

Troubleshooting Receiving Verification Codes.

Sometimes receiving verification codes can be a challenge. Here are a few steps you can follow if you are having trouble receiving your verification code:

Check the Captcha Timer: When you click the "GetCaptcha" button, you should see a timer counting down from 60 to 0. If this does not happen, then hit this button again.
Watch your Spam Box: Sometimes verification codes can accidentally end up in your spam box. So check your spam folder to see if the code ended up there.
Try a different email address: If you still haven't received a code, try using a different e-mail address. Make sure you wait at least 15 minutes before trying again with a different address.
Contact us: If you still haven't received a verification code after going through these steps, contact us!

Everything successful? Proceed to step 3!

Hopefully these steps will help you receive your verification code. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us! We are here to help you!

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