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Health functions and measurementsUpdated 2 months ago

Health measurements with the GARD PRO: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature and Blood Oxygen

The GARD PRO offers a range of useful health measurements that can help you better understand your well-being and monitor your health. Below we dive deeper into some of these essential measurements:

Heart rate measurement

The GARD PRO continuously monitors your heart rate, whether you are exercising or just sitting quietly on the couch. Monitoring your heart rate can help you understand your fitness level and can also provide early warnings of potential health problems.

Blood pressure measurement

Measuring your blood pressure is a crucial indicator of your cardiovascular health. The GARD PRO allows you to quickly and easily measure your blood pressure, which can help you take action to keep your blood pressure at healthy levels.

Body temperature

A change in body temperature can be a sign of illness or infection. With the GARD PRO, you can easily measure your body temperature, which is especially useful when you are not feeling completely fit.

Blood Oxygen Measurement

The saturation of oxygen in your blood is another important health indicator. The GARD PRO offers the ability to measure your blood oxygen level, which can help monitor your breathing and identify any breathing problems.

Explanation of measurements:

While the GARD PRO provides reliable measurements, it is important to emphasize that it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. If you are under the supervision of a physician, have serious health problems or specific medical needs, we recommend that you use the GARD PRO as a supplementary tool and not as a substitute for medical advice and treatment.

What to do if my GARD PRO measurements are very off?

If you have doubts about the accuracy of your GARD PRO's readings, or if the results are inconsistent or unexpected, follow these steps to check reliability and resolve potential problems:

Check placement: Make sure you are wearing the GARD PRO correctly, for example, tight enough to ensure accurate readings but not too tight to impede blood flow.
Restart the measurement: Sometimes restarting the measurement can help get a more accurate result. Close the app and start a new measurement.
Check the battery: A low battery can affect the accuracy of measurements. Make sure your GARD PRO is adequately charged.
Update the software: Make sure you have the latest version of the GloryFit app and firmware installed on your GARD PRO. Updates can solve problems and improve performance.

If the above solutions have not helped improve the reliability of your GARD PRO's measurements, a reset of the device may be the solution. A reset can fix any software problems and return the device to its default settings. Press "HERE" to find information about the reset.

Important to know

It is good to know that the GARD PRO cannot be calibrated remotely. If you are still experiencing problems after the reset or if you have other questions, we recommend that you contact our customer service team. Our team is ready to assist you further and answer any further questions or concerns.

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