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Gard Pro's Pedometer: How Does It Work?Updated 2 months ago

Gard Pro's Pedometer: How Does It Work?

The pedometer is a popular feature on Gard Pro smartwatches that helps many users keep track of their daily activity and health goals. But how does this pedometer actually work?

GPS functionality via Mobile: The pedometer on the Gard Pro works via your cell phone's GPS function. This means you need to have your smartphone with you during your walks or other activities to collect accurate step data. By using your cell phone's GPS, the pedometer can accurately measure the distance and number of steps you have taken.

Bluetooth connectivity:In order for the pedometer on your Gard Pro to communicate with your cell phone's GPS function, it uses Bluetooth connectivity.And must have an active connection to the Gloryfit app This sends the step data directly to your smartwatch so you can track your progress in real time.

Optimize Location Feature:To ensure that your pedometer works as accurately as possible, we recommend that you set the location feature for the GloryFit app on your cell phone to 'always'. This ensures that the app always has access to your phone's GPS data, even when the app is not active.

How do you set this?

Go to your cell phone's settings.
Search for 'Apps' and select the 'GloryFit app'.
Choose 'Location' and set it to 'Always'.

By using this setting, you can ensure that your pedometer is collecting the most accurate data and that you can accurately track your daily activity and health goals.

I notice a big difference in my steps, what to do?

For more information: Press "HERE" Find your GARD PRO model and go to "How do I reset my GARD PRO".

We hope this article has given you a clear understanding of how the Gard Pro pedometer works and how to use it to its full potential. If you still have questions or need help with setup, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you out!

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