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ECG measurement on the GARD PROUpdated 2 months ago

An electrical heart rate sensor, also called an ECG, measures your heart rate by measuring electrical signals in your blood. Based on these electrical signals, an ECG heart rate monitor measures the timing and force of your heartbeat. An ECG heart rate monitor is more accurate than an optical heart rate monitor. More and more smartwatches are equipped with an ECG heart rate monitor.

Optical heart rate monitoring: measurements with green light 

Almost every smartwatch has an optical heart rate monitor. This monitor works with green LED lights. The green lights are located at the bottom of the watch and flash very quickly. The green light reflects off the blood and measures how fast your blood is flowing through your veins and how fast your heart is beating. When your heart is beating, the lights detect more blood than when the heart is not beating. Optical heart rate sensors are less accurate than optical heart rate monitors.

ECG heart rate monitoring: create accurate cardiograms

Smartwatches with an ECG heart rate sensor often also have an optical heart rate monitor. The big advantage of an ECG sensor is that it measures your heart rate even more accurately. With an ECG sensor, you can create cardiograms that show whether your heart rate is calm or irregular. You can find these cardiograms in the app. This way you have enough time to take action, for example by going to the doctor. In addition, you also benefit from the advantages of a regular optical heart rate monitor.

Optical heart rate measurement: measures heart rate during workouts 

Optical heart rate monitors are especially useful during exercise. This way, you know exactly when to slow down or take an extra step during a workout to maintain the right heart rate.


Although most smartwatches have an optical heart rate monitor, our smartwatches with ECG sensors have great advantages. With an ECG smartwatch on your wrist, you know that your heart is always being monitored. Has the watch measured an irregular heartbeat? Then you will see this immediately in the Gloryfit app. Optical heart rate monitors are less accurate, but useful for workouts and daily activities.

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