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Can I change my shipping address?Updated 3 months ago

How to Change Your Delivery Address at Gard Pro

Sometimes situations can arise that require you to change your delivery address for an order. Maybe you're moving to a new location, want the package delivered to your work, or just have a different address in mind. Or maybe a typo?

Order not yet shipped? No problem!

If you need to make a change to your delivery address before your order is shipped, we're here to help. The quickest way to reach us is to contact us by phone. Our friendly customer service team is ready to make your changes and ensure your order is shipped to the correct address.

You can also send us an email titled "CHANGE ADDRESS" and include the new address information. This way we can update your order before it leaves our warehouse and ensure that your package is shipped to the correct address.

Order already shipped? No worries!

If your order is already on its way but you still need to make a change to the delivery address, there is still hope. You can try to change the delivery address directly with the carrier(UPS) using the tracking number you received in the shipping confirmation email.

However, please note that changing the delivery address after the order has been shipped is not always possible. It depends on the carrier's specific policies and the stage of delivery. Sometimes carriers can change the address, but in other cases this unfortunately cannot be done.

We understand that mistakes can happen, but it is very important to check your shipping information carefully before placing your order. The address you provide during the ordering process is where we will deliver your package. If this address is incorrect, it can lead to problems with delivery.

In case you accidentally enter an incorrect address and your package is sent to that address, the package may be refused or cannot be delivered. If this happens, the package will be returned to us.

Don't worry if your package is returned because of a wrong address. Once we receive the package back, you can contact us to confirm the correct shipping information. We will then resend the package to the correct address you provided us.

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