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General product information

Questions about a specific GARD PRO model?

Do you have a question about your model GARDPRO? We have the solution!. Are you curious about the specific features of your GARD PRO model or have questions about a particular feature? We understand that each model is unique and may raise questions.

Where can I find the online manual?

At Gard Pro, we have chosen to offer our users an online manual even though the GARD PRO comes with a manual in the package. Want to check out the online manual for the GARD PRO?. Health series:. GARD PRO Health smartwatch 2: Press "HERE". GARD PRO H

Size/availability of straps per GARD PRO model

Find the right strap for your Gard Pro smartwatch. Finding the right strap for your Gard Pro smartwatch is essential for comfort and style. Whether you have a Health or Ultra series model, there are a variety of straps available to fit your wrist siz

Can I make calls and receive messages with my Gard Pro?

Call and messaging features of Gard Pro smartwatch models. When choosing a Gard Pro smartwatch, it's important to know what communication features each Gard Pro model offers. Whether you're looking for a device that can receive calls, display message

What apps can I pair the GARD PRO with?

The Gloryfit app. The only app that pairs with the GARD PRO!. Why this app?. At Gard Pro, we have carefully considered which app is the best fit for our smartwatches, and we have come to the conclusion that the Gloryfit app is the ideal choice. This

How do I connect my Gard Pro smartwatch to my phone?

How to connect your Gard Pro smartwatch to the GloryFit app. Connecting your Gard Pro smartwatch to your smartphone via the GloryFit app is a simple process that gives you access to its wide range of features. Follow the steps below to successfully c

Sports Features

Discover the Sports possibilities with your GARD PRO Smartwatch. Hello,. Are you curious about the sports you can play with your Gard Pro smartwatch? Good news! Our smartwatches are compatible with the GloryFit app. This gives you access to a wide ra

Gard Pro's Pedometer: How Does It Work?

Gard Pro's Pedometer: How Does It Work?. The pedometer is a popular feature on Gard Pro smartwatches that helps many users keep track of their daily activity and health goals. But how does this pedometer actually work?. GPS functionality via Mobile:

Health functions and measurements

Health measurements with the GARD PRO: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature and Blood Oxygen. The GARD PRO offers a range of useful health measurements that can help you better understand your well-being and monitor your health. Below we dive

How do I adjust the size of my metal band ?

How do I adjust the size of my metal band for the Health Series and Ultra 2+?. We are excited about the addition of our metal bands for the Health Series and Ultra 2+ smartwatches! These bands add a stylish and durable look to your GARD PRO watch. Bu

All you need to know about the waterproofing of GARD PRO smartwatches

Everything you need to know about the waterproofing of GARD PRO smartwatches. At GARD PRO, we pride ourselves on the durability and functionality of our smartwatches, including their water resistance. Here's everything you need to know about the wate

Features by Model: Find out which Gard Pro suits YOU best!

We're glad you're interested in Gard Pro and have possibly even placed an order. To help you choose the right model and or learn more about the different features and specifications, we have a handy page of information for each model. You can easily

Choose the right Gard Pro model: Here's how to find your perfect match!

Find the perfect Gard Pro smartwatch for you. Choosing the right smartwatch that perfectly suits your lifestyle and needs can indeed be quite a challenge. Of course, at Gard Pro, we would like to help you make the choice a little easier. Therefore, w

Dimensions and weight per Gard Pro model

Sizes of Gard Pro smartwatches: find the perfect fit. When choosing a Gard Pro smartwatch, it's important to consider not only the features, but also whether the watch fits properly on your wrist. Below are the sizes of our Gard Pro smartwatch models

How does the GPS function of the GARD PRO work?

GPS Use with GARD PRO smartwatches. Gard Pro smartwatches use your smartphone's GPS feature to track your location and activities. Here are some important points you should know about using GPS with your Gard Pro:. No Built-in GPS: Our Gard Pro smart

ECG measurement on the GARD PRO

An electrical heart rate sensor, also called an ECG, measures your heart rate by measuring electrical signals in your blood. Based on these electrical signals, an ECG heart rate monitor measures the timing and force of your heartbeat. An ECG heart ra