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Gard Pro Ultra 2+

Is there an online manual?

Is there an online manual available?. Yes, we have chosen to make an online manual available for all GARD PRO models. This choice was made for several reasons that make it easier and more accessible for our customers to find the necessary information

How does the NFC feature work?

We feel it is important to fully inform our customers about the features and limitations of our Gard Pro smartwatches, especially when it comes to payment functionalities. Current Payment Options: Currently, it is not possible to make payments with o

How do I connect my GARD PRO to my phone?

How do I connect my GARD PRO to the GloryFit app. Connecting your Gard Pro smartwatch to your smartphone via the GloryFit app is a simple process that gives you access to its wide range of features. Follow the steps below to successfully connect and

Size/weight and availability to straps?

Product information GARD PRO Ultra 2+. Width: 51.2 mmHeight: 51.2 mmThickness: 13 mm Weight: 75 grams. The Ultra series offers a more robust size for those who prefer a larger watch. The straps for this series are adjustable from 16 cm to 28 cm in ci

Receiving messages and calls on my GARD PRO Ultra 2+

Receiving Messages and Calls on the GARD PRO Ultra 2+. With the GARD PRO Ultra 2+, you always stay connected, even when you don't have your smartphone handy. In addition to tracking your activities, the GARD PRO Ultra 2+ also offers the ability to re

How do I reset my GARD PRO Ultra 2+?

Resetting your GARD PRO: Why and How to Do It?. Sometimes it may be necessary to reset your GARD PRO smartwatch, especially if you have made adjustments in the GloryFit app/or are experiencing problems. This can help resolve any issues and ensure tha

Sound and screen settings GARD PRO ULTRA 2+

Customizing your GARD PRO Ultra 2+ to your personal preferences can make it even more enjoyable to use. Here are some steps to adjust the screen, sound and vibration settings:. Table of Contents. 1.Screen settings. 1.1 adjust screen time1.2 Adjust th

I am experiencing bluetooth problems with my GARD PRO Ultra 2+

Bluetooth technology has dramatically changed the way we connect and communicate with devices. The GARD PRO smartwatch also uses this technology to seamlessly integrate with your smartphone. But what exactly does the GARD PRO's Bluetooth function ent

Explanation of adding contacts and SOS function

When choosing a smartwatch such as the GARD PRO, it is important to know what features each model offers. The Ultra 2+ is 1 of the models within our collection that supports this calling feature. As a result, adding contacts and making emergency call

Specific explanation sports functions Ultra 2+

Discover the Sports possibilities with your GARD PRO Smartwatch. Hello,. Are you curious about the sports you can play with your Gard Pro smartwatch? Good news! Our smartwatches are compatible with the GloryFit app. This gives you access to a wide ra

I have a question about health functions/measurements?

Health measurements with the GARD PRO: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Body Temperature and Blood Oxygen. The GARD PRO offers a range of useful health measurements that can help you better understand your well-being and monitor your health. Below we dive

How long can my Ultra 2+ last without recharging?

The Durable Power of the GARD PRO Ultra Series. The GARD PRO Ultra Series is known for its impressive battery life, allowing you to enjoy all its features for longer without worrying about recharging. Compared to the Health Series, the Ultra Series o

Resolve unexpected vibrations on your GARD PRO Ultra 2+

Resolving unexpected vibrations on your GARD PRO Ultra 2+. You may feel sudden vibrations on your GARD PRO Ultra 2+, even when you are not expecting notifications or messages. This can cause confusion, but there is usually a logical explanation for t

I can't find the answer to my question in the help center, what to do?

Finding answers to your questions about Gard Pro: What to do if the help center and manual don't answer?. It's great to see so many people finding their way through our comprehensive help center and the attached Gard Pro manual. They contain a wealth